Scandinavian Modern Designs

As apartments in major cities are getting pricier and smaller, a good simple yet modern and vibrant Scandinavian design might suit your needs. This is embodied by the use of minimalism and functionality in all things in a given space. Few tricks will give you a tone of space and character.

Open Plan Layout

As you are trying to achieve a more spacious feel, it’s good to consider having your kitchen, dining and entertainment area in one place. This will help the space flow and feel spacious with everything open and simple.

Colour Scheme

This is probably the most important part of Scandinavian designs, as it helps bring out more in space. The design should be simple and the use of muted colours is very much encouraged. The colour tones may vary from tones of taupe, ivory, to sage. Black and white backgrounds can also add more character to the walls.

Hidden Storages

The Scandinavian design is simple and clean, hence space needs to remain decluttered on a regular. This can be simply achieved by acquiring furniture with hidden storages or that double in functionality. You can have a couch with storage under it or even a wall bed that transforms into an office during the day. These simple ideas will change your space into a simple Scandinavian marvel.


Lighting in urban settlements can be quite challenging as you try to achieve the Scandinavian design. Most apartments may not get plenty of natural light, or even the underground rooms you want to transform may have none. Well, simple designs like using hidden LED light fixtures on the ceiling may create an impression of daylight and give a warm feel. Also, the use of small vents to bring in as much light as possible in enclosed sections like basements can really create a huge difference.

Add Cozy Feels

Scandinavian design can feel cold if done wrong and avoid this, just think of things that made you cozy as a kid and incorporate them into the design. Like the use of wool blanket as couch throws or furry blankets. This will add a warm touch to the room and make it feel more welcoming. Also by having a tight space like a nook with throw pillows and a blanket will add coziness to the roomLooking for more info and inspirational ideas about Scandi design? Check out this article on Tylko Journal: